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Been There. Done That.

The best way to gain knowledge is from someone with actual, real-world experience. It’s a fact.

Imagine learning to play baseball from someone who had never held a bat, or learning to fly a plane from someone who had just read how to do it in a book. It just doesn’t make sense.  It is our philosophy that experience makes for a better teacher, and that’s evident in the expertise and background of our full-time and adjunct faculty.

At Bay State College, one of the things we’re most proud of is the real-world knowledge that our faculty shares with our students on a daily basis. Our Entertainment Management students are learning about Tour Management from professionals who have been on the road with bands. Our Criminal Justice students are being taught by a former CIA Interrogator, Boston Police Detectives, and social workers with over 40 years of experience. And the same holds true for all of our programs.

Our professors aren't standing at the front of a big lecture hall reciting facts from a book. They’re giving students a one-on-one approach to practical learning. Plus, they’re still connected in their fields giving students access to internships and job opportunities down the road!

Students across all divisions – day, evening, and online – can attest to the accessibility and approach-ability of the professors at Bay State College.

Bay State Faculty Quick Facts

Our professors are experts in their fields. When they're not teaching at Bay State, you might find them working here:

Criminal Justice professor, Jeffrey Carson: U.S. State Department

Criminal Justice professor, Steven Blair: Boston Police Department

PTA professor, Chris Joyce: Sports and Physical Therapy and Associates, an orthopaedic/sports private practice

PTA professor, Kristen Forget: Boston Medical Center, an acute care hospital

Biology instructor, Shamsul Arefin: Scientist, National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Health Studies professor, Bradley Hamlin: AIDS Action Committee – Phlebotomy Training Supervisor


Our faculty in the news:

Gina Dewolfe:

Randy Azzato:

Bill Morrissette:

John Krivvit:

Experts in their field

The vast majority of our professors have either full-time work experience in their industry or extensive consulting experience working with businesses, and they continue to be active in their industry and in their local professional associations, bringing these real-world experiences and perspectives into the classroom each and every day.

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